About us
HW Communications Ltd is a technology developer that specialises in transferring know-how from the research laboratory to the market place. We have strong links with many of the best academic institutions in the world and are headed by Professors Mike Darnell and Bahram Honary, both leaders in the field. Since the company’s foundation in 1990 we have been making sure our clients and customers are the first beneficiaries of breakthrough communication technology.

A key specialisation at HW Communications is in location technology and we are at the forefront of applied research in the field. Loco, our new suite of enhanced positioning technologies overcomes the vulnerabilities of GPS and, we believe, is the best enabler for location based services currently available: it provides accurate full-coverage positioning at low cost with minimal battery consumption and requires no changes to network infrastructure.

Cyber Security has been at the core of HWC’s activity right from the start. Within the past 20 years, HWC has developed its capability from its baseline academic foundation in information theory and cryptography and developed many solutions for securing communication systems and ensuring that their operation is reliable and trustworthy.

HW Communications has been involved for 20 years in technical consultancy and product development and has enjoyed continuous experience in more than 50 high profile government projects in various academic, commercial and military spheres.

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VAT Number: 545086438