Worker Safety

Wherever you go, with Loco you're not alone.

Knowing someone's location is perhaps the most important prerequisite to enhancing their safety. After all, you can't help someone in their time of need if you can't find them!

Positioning only enhances safety when it allows a person to be quickly found if the need arises. If it does not work everywhere & at all times it will not enhance safety. The same can be said if the technology is cumbersome or difficult to use - it will not enhance safety simply because it is unlikely to be properly used.

Loco: the fully functional safety net


Using the right technology at the right time ensures the appropriate accuracy to underpin safety provision to vulnerable workers.


Carefully using appropriate technologies guarantees there's nowhere a Loco powered device can't be found. The same approach also allows battery consumption to be minimised such that there is always enough power for operation.


Loco can be deployed on specialised devices, but can also be deployed on a mobile phone. Positioning can only enhance safety if it is used & barriers to convenience are barriers to safety. Running in the background on a worker's own phone and is about as convenient as it gets.

Inside out

For businesses or public service providers with multiple sites (or many segregated zones on a single site) it makes sense to offer a single worker protection service that works on and off site, inside and out.

We have developed an inside-out extension to our worker safety service that combines all of the above with either of our indoor positioning solutions:
Loco Wi-Fi (& Loco 433/868).