Identifying GPS Jammer Location

GPS jammers find no place to hide

Critical Infrastructure is at risk. GPS timing is used by power stations use to sync electric grids and banks to time-stamp transactions. GPS location is used by Air Traffic Control to help avoid collisions and probation services to monitor offenders.

Currently, it takes expensive equipment and many specialised man hours to determine if jamming is taking place and to effect countermeasures. These usually involve manipulating receivers to isolate equipment from the effects of jamming signals. The approach only works if a jammer is stationary & attempts are rarely made to find jammers.
HW Communications and Forsberg Services are jointly developing a rapid, cheap & lasting countermeasure to GPS jamming that works for stationary and moving jammers. Building on core expertise in GPS and non-GPS mobile phone positioning we utilise the power and immediacy of crowd-sourcing. We match observed GPS signal strengths to calculated location simultaneously on many phones. We then process the results in a sophisticated signal propagation model to pinpoint the jamming device. The solution is software only and could be easily deployed on police phones at a price level that allows for nationwide protection to be practicable.
This jammer was for sale at £18 inc. P&P.
Similar devices can jam GPS for up to 20 miles around