Asset Security

Criminals learn that Asset Security with Loco is just too good!
Existing tracking systems don't work all that well for protecting valuable assets. Why is this so? Well, the main reasons are technical:
Conventional cellular positioning does not provide the accuracy needed for recovery to even be attempted in many cases. With accuracies sometimes measured in kilometres it is often not possible to get into the vicinity where another technology, say an RF beacon can be used. Even then, with conventional cellular positioning lots of time can be wasted searching areas that, practically speaking are just too large.
GPS is accurate enough but can't be used in many cases either because:
a. GPS receivers needs to see the sky & consequently can't be covertly installed.
b. GPS receivers stuggle to work indoors.
c. GPS covert tracking systems tend to be battery powered & GPS is too power hungry to run for long periods on battery.
Wi-Fi also suffers from being power hungry and its accuracy degrades quickly at speed. Worse, it can't be used in rural locations where Wi-Fi routers tend to be too far apart to use for positioning. It is also really important that changes to expected Wi-Fi signals are entirely unpredictable as routers can be turned off or replaced or even moved to entirely different places. For security critical applications Wi-Fi is just not reliable enough to use.
The Power of Loco Cell
Loco Cell is perfectly suited to the challenges of asset security. It has the required accuracy and reliability for security critical applications & can be covertly installed to run for years on a single battery. We currently provide positioning technology to leading asset security providers.