Wired and Wireless Communication Technology

HW Communication have a broad capability to develop wired and wireless communication systems. HW's capability spans the communication stack from RF to Presentation layer with key skills in

  • RF design and development,
  • Protocol design and development
  • Communication Quality of Service
  • Transport layer optimisation
  • Communication Security at all levels
    • Cryptography
    • Known and Bespoke Protocols 
    • Key generation and management 

The following gives 3 key examples of where our skills are currently mostly active

Powerline Communication

  • PLC - HW has its own narrow band, low power consumption modem, compliant to EN50065
  • BPL - HW has developed Broadband Power Line communication modem with high resilience for type approved use on railways
  • DLC - Distribution Line Carrier is a novel, highly resilient wide band powerline modem which is designed specifically for Smart Grid applications. This activity works with a large European consortium as a part of project DLC-VIT4IP

Ultra Wide Band

HW Communication has specialist skills and equipment for the development of new and innovative communication techniques 

  • Multiband OFDM based upon Wisair technology
  • Customised Impulse Radio techniques

UWB techniques are used for 

  • High speed communication
  • Constrained environment communication, i.e. metallic environments
  • Electronic Countermeasure Detection of UWB transmitters

Non-Linearity Detection

HW Communications has developed novel techniques for the detection of physically occurring non-linearities using RF techniques. This is possible in both the wired and wireless cases.
The following identifies just some of the uses considered

  • Wired
    • Characterisation of faults in cabling
    • Quality of fabrication
    • Coupled Device detection
  • Wireless
    • Physical device detection and characterisation