Visible Light Communication

HW Communications are currently developing novel communication applications using newly emerging visible light communication technology.

Key Benefits:

  • High data rates
  • Inherently secure
  • No interference with RF Systems
  • No Frequency Regulations
  • Control of Light/Communication Area
  • No known adverse effect on health

VLC Applications:

  • Covert Communications Provides a secure communication channel that cannot be accessed by anyone outside the immediate area.
  • Extend GPS to Indoors Indoor positioning accurate to within 10cm
  • Digital Signage To transfer audio/visual data to mobile devices for advertising and visitor information
  • Communications in Sensitive Environments VLC can be deployed in areas where RF emissions from other communication technology (Wi-Fi, UWB, Bluetooth, etc.) are problematic
  • Underwater Communications VLC provides the means to establish high speed optical networks at a range of up to several hundred metres in deep sea environments

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