Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR)

Since the mid 1990's, HW Communications has played an important role in the development of TETRA radio technology. HW Communications was one of the first to transmit multimedia data over TETRA for use in emergency situations.

Media transmission capability includes :

  • Telemedicine data 
  • Location 
  • Still images
  • Slow scan Video (T-Surv)

HW Communications has provided key expertise for the standardisation of TETRA, working with both ETSI and TETRA Association, to assist with the standardisation of the TETRA and its Wideband TETRA Enhanced Data Service (TEDS).

Technical Contributions include :

  • Modulation and coding
  • Adaptive Link Control
  • MEX Layer - Quality of Service
  • Robust Header Compression
  • PEI and Application interfaces
  • Audio codec quality 

Considering the Future of PPDR

HW Communications are looking towards improving PPDR Communications through study in the following ways:

  • Radio Technology
    • Sharing of Public and Private Networks
    • Adoption of LTE
    • Broadband extensions to TEDS
    • New methods of Cognitive Radio Communication
  • The wider scope of PPDR
    • Enhanced NEC Enabled Situation Awareness
    • New methodologies and Architecture Frameworks for PPDR
    • The role of social media for PPDR
    • Cyber Security for PPDR

HW Communications are an active member of the Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) Forum