Loco Wi-FI

Loco Wi-Fi: Room level indoor positioning.

Using existing infrastructure, whether that be in public spaces or your comapny's offices, Loco Wi-Fi is a software only solution that runs on any smartphone & can work in any building where Wi-Fi is used.

How it works

We use a (patented) technique to convert a building's layout, together with predicted signal strengths, into a matrix of probabilities such that if a device is moved from one location to another we associate probabilities based on the signal fingerprint of start and end points to calculate a location. Only minimal training is required and this happens automatically.


Whether in the implementation of Chinese walls or in minimising exposure to dangerous substances, keep employees & site vistors safe by knowing where they are at all times.

Going Out?

Loco Wi-Fi will work outdoors on company premises with similar accuracy & can be seamlessly integrated into our indoor/outdoor hybrid positioning system -
Loco Ubi.


Better manage human resources by quickly matching key skills to the places they are needed. Loco Wi-Fi facilitates the streamlining of working practices by location as well as time.