Loco GPS

GPS is power hungry. So much so that if left alone it will completely drain the battery of most phones within a few hours. With Loco GPS you will never need to sacrifice call functionality for GPS accuracy

Loco GPS
GPS enabled smartphones cost too much to only be able to use location based services every now and again. Loco GPS provides the means to have GPS positioning available all the time without the inconvenience of forever recharging your phone.

How It Works

To save battery life Loco GPS simply powers down GPS when a phone is stationary. That much is easy, the clever bit is in powering up again when the phone starts moving.

We've used our experience with the cellular signal landscape to design a technique to monitor the local cellular signal properties to determine whether a phone is stationary or is moving. No additional battery power is consumed since the cellular radio is already on in readiness for incoming calls and messages.