Loco Cell

With Loco Cell, battery powered apps go on and on.

Loco Cell is an enhanced Cell-ID technology and as such its accuracy varies according to base station density. Roughly speaking this means around a 500m accuracy in rural areas, 200m in the suburbs and less than 100m in town and city centres.


To use the cellular network for high accuracy positioning is a challenging proposition. Unlike GPS, the transmitters are distributed, set-up and maintained to meet the needs of mobile phone calls, not for the purpose of positioning. As a result, to use the cellular network for high accuracy positioning requires an inventive approach. We get base station information directly from the networks and use novel propagation modelling to produce cellular signal maps. We compare live signals on a mobile phone or similar device against our maps to calculate location.

With any cellular positioning the accuracy improves where base stations are closer together in urban centres and Loco Cell is no exception. However, our technique allows us to know in advance the accuracy of our solution in any particular location (postcode resolution). Currently, in the UK, this approximately translates into (100m urban, 200m suburban, 500m rural), with improvements continuing to be made all the time.

It is in the combination of high baseline accuracy together with the reliability that comes from foreknowledge of how the accuracy varies from place to place that makes Loco Cell the best proven cellular positioning technology available today.

Asset Security

With Loco a new level of security is possible. Covert installation and a 5 year battery life together with Loco’s accuracy and reliability have allowed our customers to recover every stolen asset in the last 12 months and secured convictions for the criminals responsible.

Worker Safety

Loco Cell presents the opportunity for employers to provide quality care for their workers in the field. Because of power consumption and lack of availability indoors GPS doesn’t work and besides Loco other technologies aren’t accurate or reliable enough to provide the safety workers need.