Loco is our integrated positioning platform that comprises enhanced location technologies that can be employed individually as standalone solutions or together to fit almost any location need. 

With each technology we have taken an existing technique and enhanced its performance:

Loco Cell dramatically improves the accuracy of cellular positioning without losing any of the natural low-power and reliability advantages.

Loco GPS takes GPS (or A-GPS) and greatly lowers its power consumption. We have achieved this without losing any of the fine accuracy GPS is known for.

Loco WiFi brings room level indoor positioning to any building where there is a wireless network. Using existing (already installed) wireless access points allows indoor positioning in a building without installing new hardware.

Taken individually each of our Loco technologies is best in class, but when employed together we are able to offer hybrid positioning that guarantees reliable and accurate location information whenever and wherever it's needed. Loco Ubi: truly ubiquitous positioning.