Trusting the Information in front of you

HW is working together with Thales Research and Technology (UK) Ltd and University of Oxford to investigate new technologies to aid us to trust the information we see and to make the best decisions.

The TEASE project is developing innovative tools to assist users in assessing the confidence they should place in the reliability of the information that is presented to them

The web is the largest freely-available source of information in the world. It is also the largest open marketplace and social / political forum in the world. The first ports-of-call for most PC-based interactions on the web are the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing), social-networking sites (facebook, MySpace), online auction sites (ebay)  and web-based email providers (Yahoo!, G-Mail, Hotmail). The resources that these sites introduce us to are often unknown to us. If we are to make an informed decision on which resource(s) to trust we need evidence of their reputation or of the provenance of the information they are offering us. Where services are transaction-based there is the possibility of building reputation data from previous transactions (financial or social). Such systems exist for online commerce (ebay, amazon) and are offered for other real-world services (trip-advisor for travel related services, for example). Where there is no interaction beyond the consumption of information from a known or unknown source, the options for accessing reputation data are more limited.

Please contact us or  visit the project website for more details.